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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Beck, Andrea, 2 books
Roy MacGregor, 2 books
Eric Walters, 2 books
Karleen Bradford, 2 books
Ginette Anfousse, 2 books
Louise Leblanc, 1 book
Ann Brashares, 1 book
Marisol Sarrazin, 1 book
Francine Ruel, 1 book
Valerie Wilding, 1 book
Nikki Tate, 1 book
Joanne Taylor, 1 book
Quinlan B. Lee, 1 book
Sharon E. McKay, 1 book
Mick Inkpen, 1 book
Lesley Choyce, 1 book
Jacqueline Wilson, 1 book
Carol Matas, 1 book
James Garbarino, 1 book
Walt Disney Company, 1 book
Arnold Lobel, 1 book
Richard Scrimger, 1 book
Kenneth Oppel, 1 book
Linda Hendry, 1 book
Karen McCombie, 1 book


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