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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Walter Riso, 6 books
Leo F. Buscaglia, 5 books
Gary D. Chapman, 4 books
Erich Fromm, 3 books
Luciano del Pozo, 3 books
Kate DiCamillo, 3 books
Irene Fohri, 3 books
Robin Norwood, 3 books
Gerald G. Jampolsky, 3 books
Osho, 3 books
Vātsyāyana, 2 books
Silver Ravenwolf, 2 books
C. S. Lewis, 2 books
Florencia Piquer, 2 books
Lucy Anderson, 2 books
Louise L. Hay, 2 books
Sam McBratney, 2 books
Deepak Chopra, 2 books
Fabienne Bradu, 2 books
Giovanni Reale, 2 books
Albert Cutié, 2 books
Manuel Fuentes Wendling, 2 books
Lauren Kate, 2 books
Francine Pascal, 2 books
Silvia Olmedo, 2 books


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