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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Colin Odell, 5 books
Michelle Le Blanc, 4 books
Angie Jones, 3 books
David Slater, 2 books
Chris Robinson, 2 books
Jane B. Mason, 2 books
Jeff Rovin, 2 books
Disney Studios, 2 books
Peter Lord, 2 books
Preston Blair, 2 books
Jim Korkis, 2 books
Lea Milic, 2 books
Yasmin McConville, 2 books
Daniel Manahan, 2 books
Jonathan Clements, 2 books
Brian Sibley, 2 books
Jay Sanford Shivers, 2 books
Helen McCarthy, 2 books
Nancy Fulton, 2 books
Andrew Clayton, 2 books
David Kerekes, 2 books
Jerry Beck, 2 books
John Cawley, 2 books
Robert Hieronimus, 1 book
Bill Miller, 1 book


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