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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wendy Beckett, 9 books
Anne Ridler, 8 books
Dan Brown, 8 books
Jan Trochimiak, 8 books
Martin Nag, 7 books
Jane Austen, 6 books
Peter Drews, 6 books
William Shakespeare, 6 books
Jusserand, J. J., 5 books
Charles Dédéyan, 5 books
Franciszek Sielicki, 5 books
Debra White Smith, 5 books
Joy Richardson, 5 books
Kadokawa Haruki, 5 books
Basil of Caesarea, 5 books
Paul Claudel, 4 books
Helmut Sembdner, 4 books
Farinelli, Arturo, 4 books
Rose-Marie Hagen, 4 books
Clement Mansfield Ingleby, 4 books
Douglas A. Brooks, 4 books
Lucy Micklethwait, 4 books
Langston Hughes, 4 books
Julie Appel, 4 books
Amy Guglielmo, 4 books


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