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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William W. Fitzhugh, 13 books
Richard V. Williamson, 6 books
Vince Blaiyok, 4 books
K. T. Buchanan, 4 books
Robert Van de Noort, 3 books
Vincent L. Gaffney, 3 books
Suzanne K. Fish, 3 books
Iain Banks, 3 books
Rolfe G. Buzzell, 3 books
Fred A. Finney, 3 books
Mindy L. Bonine, 3 books
S. Ellis, 3 books
Steven Leroy De Vore, 3 books
Paul P. Kreisa, 3 books
Rick Minor, 3 books
Michael J. Moore, 2 books
Glen Rice, 2 books
Jerry R. Galm, 2 books
Harold Lewis Dibble, 2 books
Matthew B. Holly, 2 books
Piers Dixon, 2 books
Thomas F. King, 2 books
Rita Olsudong, 2 books
Jolie Liston, 2 books
Stephen K. Mbutu, 2 books


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