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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hugo Hiriart, 2 books
Stephen King, 2 books
Sandro Cohen, 2 books
Silvia Adela Kohan, 2 books
César Aira, 2 books
Charles Ruas, 1 book
Tad Hills, 1 book
Silvia Kohan, 1 book
Lindsey Fraser, 1 book
Lauren Child, 1 book
Duccio Demetrio, 1 book
Robert A. Day, 1 book
Roth, Martin, 1 book
Judith Ortiz Cofer, 1 book
Will Eisner, 1 book
Isabel Allende, 1 book
Yxta Maya Murray, 1 book
Marc Tolon Brown, 1 book
Day, 1 book
Enrique Vila-Matas, 1 book
Brian Keaney, 1 book
Jennifer Lee Carrell, 1 book
John Harwood, 1 book
Elena L. Luchetti, 1 book
Virginia M. Fellows, 1 book


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