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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shirley MacLaine, 3 books
Ian Gibson, 3 books
Sara Gruen, 2 books
Jonah Winter, 2 books
Lois Lowry, 2 books
Elena Poniatowska, 2 books
Danielle Steel, 2 books
David Spence, 2 books
Tomie dePaola, 2 books
Rivera, Diego, 2 books
Angela Villalba, 2 books
Susaeta, 2 books
Antony Mason, 2 books
Luis Macauley, 2 books
Rachel Renée Russell, 2 books
Fabio Bourbon, 2 books
Giorgio Vasari, 1 book
Susan Blackaby, 1 book
Eric Blair, 1 book
Jason Porterfield, 1 book
Norma Anabel Barrera, 1 book
Gilles Bachelet, 1 book
James Warhola, 1 book
Yuyi Morales, 1 book
Sebastian Smee, 1 book


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