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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ira Wolinsky, 12 books
Nathan Aaseng, 11 books
Judy A. Driskell, 11 books
Cherie D. Abbey, 9 books
Louise Burke, 8 books
Bacchylides., 6 books
Anita Bean, 6 books
Kevin Hillstrom, 6 books
Susan M. Kleiner, 6 books
Frederick C. Hatfield, 6 books
Ed Fitzgerald, 5 books
James McEwan, 5 books
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 5 books
Marie Dunford, 5 books
Gordon I. Kirke, 5 books
Ralph Hickok, 5 books
Bill Gutman, 5 books
Chris Carmichael, 5 books
Peggy J. Parks, 4 books
Matt Fitzgerald, 4 books
Robert Everett McAdam, 4 books
Littleton, Mark R., 4 books
Jose Antonio, 4 books
Jeffrey R. Stout, 4 books
Graham Henderson, 4 books


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