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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Barrett, 4 books
Percy Trezise, 4 books
Ronald Murray Berndt, 4 books
Peter Loveday, 4 books
Jan Critchett, 4 books
Derek John Mulvaney, 4 books
Dick Roughsey, 3 books
E. A. Young, 3 books
Fay Gale, 2 books
A. P. Elkin, 2 books
Catherine Helen Berndt, 2 books
R. L. Kirk, 2 books
John Greenway, 2 books
Peter M. Moodie, 2 books
Ronald M. Berndt, 2 books
Baldwin Spencer, 2 books
Diane Barwick, 2 books
E. K. Fisk, 2 books
Nicholas Jose, 2 books
Tim Rowse, 2 books
Stanley Breeden, 2 books
L. R. Hiatt, 2 books
Owen Stanley, 2 books
John Batman, 2 books
Jane Gleeson, 2 books


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