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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anna Kavan, 6 books
Henry Miller, 4 books
Jack Kerouac, 3 books
Mike Ramsdell, 3 books
Maggie Berg, 3 books
Romain Gary, 2 books
Isaac Bashevis Singer, 2 books
Adrienne Sharp, 2 books
Jerzy N. Kosinski, 2 books
William S. Burroughs, 2 books
James Joyce, 2 books
Sophie Fontanel, 2 books
J. M. Coetzee, 2 books
Anne Brontë, 2 books
Philip Roth, 2 books
Henri Troyat, 2 books
Egbuna Akpa, 2 books
Aleksandra Brushteĭn, 2 books
Amar'e Stoudemire, 2 books
Michel Beaujour, 2 books
Małgorzata Czermińska, 1 book
Walser, Richard Gaither, 1 book
John Weisman, 1 book
Frank, Lawrence, 1 book
Noriko Thunman, 1 book


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