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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William James, 8 books
Bruce M. Hood, 6 books
Arthur James Balfour Earl of Balfour, 5 books
Gustave Le Bon, 4 books
Milton Rokeach, 4 books
Michael Shermer, 4 books
Karl Jaspers, 4 books
Michael Specter, 4 books
John Henry Newman, 3 books
Price, H. H., 3 books
Josef Pieper, 3 books
Samuel Bailey, 3 books
George Santayana, 3 books
Martin Buber, 3 books
Harold Frederic, 3 books
Thomas Albert Lewis, 3 books
Paul Helm, 3 books
Miguel Ruiz, 3 books
Jay Allison, 3 books
Isaac Levi, 3 books
Léon Ollé-Laprune, 3 books
Sebastian De Grazia, 3 books
John Harwood Hick, 3 books
Martin Cyril D'Arcy, 3 books
Rott, Hans, 3 books


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