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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stafford Hildred, 21 books
Tim Ewbank, 16 books
Chris Welch, 10 books
Lucy Ellis, 9 books
Eddie Rowley, 8 books
Daniel O'Donnell, 8 books
Gary Morecambe, 7 books
Bryony Sutherland, 7 books
John Lennon, 6 books
Martin Roach, 6 books
Stephen Davis, 5 books
Todd Gold, 5 books
Bryan Dray, 5 books
Martin Sterling, 5 books
Dave Bowler, 5 books
Peter Robinson, 4 books
Victor Bockris, 4 books
Jerry Hopkins, 4 books
Pete Best, 3 books
Patrick Doncaster, 3 books
John Nicoletti, 3 books
Donald Zec, 3 books
Paul Duncan, 3 books
Jane Lapotaire, 3 books
Steve Turner, 3 books


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