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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William G. Langdon, 4 books
Jody Martin, 2 books
Emily Esterson, 2 books
Ned Martin, 2 books
Laurentius Rusius, 2 books
Gerhard A. Malm, 2 books
Jost Amman, 1 book
Oscar Montelius, 1 book
Allan Harris, 1 book
Achille de Santeul, 1 book
Hans-Georg Hüttel, 1 book
Louis Taylor, 1 book
Roberts, Tom, 1 book
Francis Dwyer, 1 book
Diana Rosemary Tuke, 1 book
Sousa Viterbo, 1 book
C. Guy Cubitt, 1 book
LeRoy C. Haug, 1 book
Gil Babcock, 1 book
Sarah Muir, 1 book
Betsy Lynch, 1 book
Joice I. Overton, 1 book
Kenneth L. McPheeters, 1 book
Kurt D. House, 1 book
Susan McBane, 1 book


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