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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Oliver, Paul, 13 books
Samuel Barclay Charters, 7 books
Hal Leonard Corp., 7 books
Albert Murray, 6 books
Robert M. W. Dixon, 5 books
Dave Rubin, 4 books
John Lee Hooker, 4 books
R. R. Macleod, 4 books
Eric Clapton, 4 books
Alan Lomax, 4 books
HowellDevine (Musical group), 4 books
Charters, Samuel., 3 books
Michael Taft, 3 books
Paul Oliver, 3 books
Mike Rowe, 3 books
Eric Sackheim, 3 books
Michel Ruppli, 3 books
Adam Gussow, 3 books
William R. Ferris, 3 books
Bob Brunning, 3 books
Tony Russell, 3 books
Leslie Fancourt, 3 books
Luciano Federighi, 3 books
Paul Garon, 3 books
Tony Russell, 3 books


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