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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rogers, Bruce, 6 books
Tschichold, Jan, 5 books
Jerry Kelly, 4 books
Alisa J. Golden, 4 books
Alan Bartram, 4 books
T. J. Cobden-Sanderson, 3 books
Hugh Albert Fordyce Williamson, 3 books
Hermann Zapf, 3 books
Luigi Magarotto, 3 books
S. F. Dobkin, 3 books
McLean, Ruari., 3 books
Silvia Burini, 3 books
Philip B. Meggs, 3 books
John E. Bowlt, 3 books
Colin Franklin, 3 books
Moshe Spitzer, 3 books
Sidorov, A. A., 3 books
Alan Bartram, 3 books
Albert Kapr, 3 books
Robert Bringhurst, 3 books
Daniela Rizzi, 3 books
Max Caflisch, 2 books
Wolpe, Berthold., 2 books
John Ryder, 2 books
Betty Bright, 2 books


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