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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carol Belanger Grafton, 8 books
Theodore Menten, 6 books
Edie Eckman, 3 books
Courtney Davis, 3 books
Pamela Mostek, 3 books
Linda Schäpper, 2 books
Jodie Bushman, 2 books
W. R. Tymms, 2 books
Bonnie K. Browning, 2 books
Nicky Epstein, 2 books
Ted Menten, 2 books
Jana Hauschild Lindberg, 2 books
Julia Hickman, 2 books
Aidan Meehan, 2 books
Schneider, Sally., 2 books
M. P. Verneuil, 2 books
Phil Bradbury, 2 books
William Rowe, 1 book
Brian Wolf, 1 book
Wolf, Werner, 1 book
Charles Derriey, 1 book
Takahashi, Kiyoshi, 1 book
Ni, Nanshan., 1 book
Ismail Akhmedov, 1 book
Grete Petersen, 1 book


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