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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Walter Deane, 23 books
Elizabeth Ferrars, 7 books
Joyce Lavene, 6 books
Tomitarō Makino, 4 books
José Celestino Mutis, 4 books
Carolus Clusius, 3 books
Anthony Eglin, 3 books
Howard A. Kelly, 3 books
Frans Antonie Stafleu, 3 books
Santiago Díaz Piedrahita, 3 books
Bell, Stephen, 3 books
Patrick O'Brian, 3 books
K. V. Manoĭlenko, 3 books
Jack Nisbet, 3 books
Stefan Stanev, 3 books
Ronald L. Stuckey, 3 books
E. X. Ferrars, 3 books
Desmond, Ray., 3 books
Alice M. Coats, 3 books
Edmund Berkeley, 2 books
V. A. Parnes, 2 books
Hall, Norman, 2 books
Ruthven Todd, 2 books
Andrew Denny Rodgers, 2 books
Mea Allan, 2 books


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