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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Bligh, 24 books
Barrow, John Sir, 8 books
Nordhoff, Charles, 5 books
Richard Alexander Hough, 5 books
George Mackaness, 4 books
Geoffrey Rawson, 4 books
Morrison, James, 3 books
Madge Darby, 3 books
Bounty (Ship), 2 books
John Boyne, 2 books
Murray, Hugh, 2 books
Ian M. Ball, 2 books
Erle Wilson, 2 books
Irvin Anthony, 2 books
John Barrow, 2 books
Trevor Lummis, 2 books
Alfred McFarland, 2 books
Alexander McKee, 2 books
Jules Verne, 1 book
Clarke, Peter, 1 book
Harry Lionel Shapiro, 1 book
Edward Tagart, 1 book
Angelo Solmi, 1 book
I. G. Edmonds, 1 book
Peter Heywood, 1 book


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