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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Janet Evanovich, 26 books
Kentaro Yabuki, 19 books
Justin Gray, 8 books
James Patrick Hunt, 7 books
Tom Calhoun, 6 books
Peter Brandvold, 6 books
Thom Nicholson, 6 books
Jonathan Maberry, 5 books
Rory Black, 5 books
William W. Johnstone, 5 books
Marie Lu, 5 books
Rhoades, J. D., 4 books
Shiloh Walker, 4 books
Robert J. Randisi, 3 books
Duane Chapman, 3 books
Jeff Lemire, 3 books
Sharon Sala, 3 books
Jake Logan, 3 books
Bob Burton, 3 books
Sergio Leone, 2 books
Linda Turner, 2 books
Lori Foster, 2 books
Phil Dunlap, 2 books
Kate Bridges, 2 books
Marcus Galloway, 2 books


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