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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wayne Gould, 4 books
Terry Stickels, 3 books
Frank Longo, 3 books
Frank Coussement, 2 books
Andrew Heron, 2 books
Dave Tuller, 2 books
Peter Gordon, 2 books
Michael Rios, 2 books
Peter De Schepper, 2 books
Atsuhisa Okura, 2 books
Jay Morrison, 2 books
Jack Botermans, 1 book
Mike Fitzgerald, 1 book
Nathan Haselbauer, 1 book
Francis Heaney, 1 book
Jaime Poniachik, 1 book
Philip J. Carter, 1 book
Robert Eastaway, 1 book
John Kennedy, 1 book
Bob Harris, 1 book
David Wells, 1 book
Peter Jackson, 1 book
The Diagram Group, 1 book
Robert Allen, 1 book
Ian Alexander, 1 book


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