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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Scudamore, 6 books
Civiale Docteur, 5 books
Golding Bird, 4 books
Hartley, David, 4 books
Lionel S. Beale, 3 books
Stephen Hales, 3 books
Antonio Scarpa, 3 books
Theophilus Lobb, 3 books
J. E. A. Wickham, 3 books
Ranby, John, 3 books
Walter Charleton, 2 books
Allan, Robert, 2 books
Petit, Charles, 2 books
G. Alan Rose, 2 books
George W. Drach, 2 books
Leslie N. Pyrah, 2 books
Bence Jones, 2 books
Thompson, Henry Sir, 2 books
B. E. C. Nordin, 2 books
James N. Parker, 2 books
John S. Rodman, 2 books
Gail Savitz, 2 books
Joannes Groeneveld, 2 books
Francis J. Shepherd, 2 books
Philip M. Parker, 2 books


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