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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Eric Norman, 5 books
June Warr, 4 books
Ray Goulding, 3 books
Beth Brant, 3 books
A. Burke, 3 books
Frank Davey, 3 books
John Metcalf, 3 books
Terry Angus, 2 books
Philip Stratford, 2 books
George Woodcock, 2 books
Robert Kroetsch, 2 books
W. H. New, 2 books
Wynne Margaret Edwards, 2 books
Roy Miki, 2 books
Elroy E. E. Deimert, 2 books
Robertson Davies, 2 books
Terry Goldie, 2 books
Writers' Union of Canada., 2 books
Eli Mandel, 1 book
Kenneth James Hughes, 1 book
Lawrence J. Burpee, 1 book
Jars Balan, 1 book
A. J. M. Smith, 1 book
Elizabeth Moore Walsh McGahan, 1 book
Louis Dudek, 1 book


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