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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jim Heid, 4 books
Jason Roberts, 3 books
Paul Nicholls, 3 books
Pat Ensor, 3 books
Chris Sherman, 2 books
Akeroyd, John., 2 books
Lothar Philipps, 2 books
Library of Congress, 2 books
Mark L. Chambers, 2 books
Lee Purcell, 2 books
Irene Wood, 2 books
Terry W. McDaniel, 2 books
Carl R. Ernst, 2 books
Fred T. Hofstetter, 2 books
Mario G. Losano, 2 books
Ahmed M. Elshami, 2 books
Shi Weiming yan jiu shi, 2 books
Mary Kay Conyers Duggan, 1 book
A. M. Hendley, 1 book
Laura Buddine, 1 book
R. M. Duchesne, 1 book
James Otto Lewis, 1 book
Ann Lathrop, 1 book
G. G. Chowdhury, 1 book
John Ruscio, 1 book


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