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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Whittingham, 5 books
Lew Freedman, 4 books
Don Pierson, 3 books
Paul J. Deegan, 3 books
Brian Hewitt, 2 books
Jim McMahon, 2 books
Scott Simon, 2 books
Armen Keteyian, 2 books
Mike Ditka, 2 books
George Castle, 2 books
Aaron Frisch, 2 books
Gary D'Amato, 2 books
Mike Singletary, 2 books
Sloan MacRae, 2 books
Mullen, Peter, 1 book
Andre Roberts, 1 book
Roy Taylor, 1 book
Nate LeBoutillier, 1 book
Gale Sayers, 1 book
Kenny Ratledge, 1 book
James Hahn, 1 book
George Stanley Halas, 1 book
Walter Payton, 1 book
Stewart, Mark, 1 book
Howard Roberts, 1 book


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