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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ben M. Baglio, 6 books
School Zone Publishing Company Staff, 6 books
Barbara Gregorich, 5 books
Karen Hoenecke, 4 books
Gloria E. Anzaldúa, 3 books
Michael Morpurgo, 3 books
Jackie French, 3 books
Joan Aiken, 2 books
Hilary McKay, 2 books
Gillian Cross, 2 books
Marie Vinje, 2 books
Laurence Yep, 2 books
Sara Vogler, 2 books
Janet Burchett, 2 books
Michael Teitelbaum, 2 books
Anne Schreiber, 2 books
Hilda Stahl, 2 books
Anne Fine, 2 books
Nathaniel Benchley, 2 books
Enid Blyton, 2 books
Jeff Kinney, 2 books
Eliot Sappingfield, 2 books
Fay Sampson, 2 books
Elisabeth Beresford, 1 book
Jennifer Beck, 1 book


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