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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tim Wynne-Jones, 5 books
L. M. Montgomery, 5 books
Irene E. Aubrey, 3 books
Kenneth Oppel, 2 books
W. D. Valgardson, 2 books
Priscilla Galloway, 2 books
Janet Lunn, 2 books
Cora Taylor, 2 books
Jessica Scott Kerrin, 2 books
Louise McDiarmid, 2 books
Robert N. Munsch, 2 books
Monica Hughes, 2 books
H. J. Hutchins, 2 books
Paul Yee, 2 books
Julie Lawson, 2 books
Genevieve Wiggins, 2 books
Geoffrey Bilson, 1 book
B. A. King, 1 book
Mavis Reimer, 1 book
Dawn Richardson, 1 book
Irene Elizabeth Aubrey, 1 book
Aristides Yerou, 1 book
Bernie Bedore, 1 book
N. Roy Clifton, 1 book
Gillian Chan, 1 book


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