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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Na, 18 books
Harold Bloom, 12 books
Allan M. Winkler, 10 books
Elisabeth Israels Perry, 10 books
Andrew R. L. Cayton, 10 books
Linda Reed, 10 books
Isidore Dressler, 9 books
Edward P. Keenan, 7 books
Randall I. Charles, 6 books
John E. Warriner, 6 books
Alan G. Foster, 6 books
Bert K. Waits, 6 books
L.J. Smith, 6 books
James Dobson, 6 books
Judith Woodfield, 6 books
John Sander, 6 books
Bettie B. Youngs, 6 books
Arthur N. Applebee, 6 books
Facts on File, Inc., 5 books
Neil A. Campbell, 5 books
Kenneth R. Miller, 5 books
McGraw-Hill - Jamestown Education, 5 books
Sadie Chavis Bragg, 5 books
Sheridan Blau, 5 books
Dave Kemper, 5 books


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