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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Naniek Widayati, 2 books
Li, Jie, 2 books
Wu Hung, 2 books
Baode Han, 2 books
Qingxi Lou, 2 books
Qijun Wang, 2 books
Berthold Laufer, 1 book
David Kohl, 1 book
Liang, Sicheng, 1 book
Lin, Shuzhong., 1 book
Régine Thiriez, 1 book
Adriana G. Proser, 1 book
Layla Dawson, 1 book
Arnold Silcock, 1 book
Michèle Pirazzoli-t Serstevens, 1 book
Alexander Schulz, 1 book
Ronald G. Knapp, 1 book
Halfpenny, William, 1 book
Shih-min Chʻen, 1 book
Adriana Proser, 1 book
Sally Malenka, 1 book
Beth A. Price, 1 book
Dave Alber, 1 book
Hou Hanru, 1 book
Caroline Klein, 1 book


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