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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gao Xingjian, 14 books
Wang, Guowei, 9 books
Weimin Yu, 9 books
Zeng, Yongyi., 7 books
Benxiang Tian, 7 books
Mei Wu, 6 books
Hancheng Guo, 5 books
Jin Fu, 5 books
Yibai Zhou, 5 books
Fei Hai, 5 books
Aoki, Masaru, 4 books
Ma, Sen., 4 books
Zhou, Yibai., 4 books
Stephen H. West, 4 books
Josephine Huang Hung, 4 books
Colin Mackerras, 4 books
Chongtao Sun, 4 books
Meikan Dong, 4 books
Shouren Chen, 4 books
Shanghai tu shu guan, 4 books
Shizhong Huang, 4 books
Chunfang Song, 4 books
Rongrong Sun, 4 books
Qian, Nanyang., 3 books
Mei, Lanfang, 3 books


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