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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Eva Marie Everson, 2 books
Paul Block, 2 books
Jack Cavanaugh, 2 books
Karen Ball, 2 books
Frank E. Peretti, 2 books
Gene Edwards, 2 books
David Rose, 2 books
Robert Vaughan, 2 books
Pershing, 2 books
Linda Evans Shepherd, 2 books
Geoff Fredericks, 2 books
Kathleen Martens, 2 books
Judith Pella, 2 books
Karen Kingsbury, 2 books
Cassette H, 2 books
PACK, 2 books
Evelyn McKnight Boston PH. D., 2 books
Carolyn Jemille Turner, 2 books
Myrna Turner, 2 books
Delshad, 2 books
Russ Scalzo, 2 books
Steve Mamchak, 2 books
Brock Thoene, 2 books
Dante Alighieri, 2 books
Dan Jaffe, 1 book


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