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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shuqiong Zhang, 8 books
Chia-ying Yeh, 7 books
Guizhang Tang, 7 books
Manjuan Zhang, 6 books
Xia, Chengtao., 4 books
Weiyong Wang, 4 books
Yu, Pingbo, 3 books
Wang, Guowei, 3 books
Qiaobin Deng, 3 books
Shaoxiong Liu, 3 books
Mei Wu, 3 books
Ziyang Lü, 3 books
Zhang Zhang, 3 books
Chʻang Wang, 3 books
Zhaopeng Wang, 3 books
Weicheng Sun, 3 books
Yiru An, 3 books
Duwen Zhou, 3 books
Ye, Jiaying., 2 books
Tang, Guizhang., 2 books
Wu, Outing., 2 books
Qian, Zhonglian, 2 books
Nalan, Xingde, 2 books
Duncan MacKintosh, 2 books
Xingrong Ma, 2 books


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