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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Perrault, 3 books
Jennifer Liberts, 3 books
Lara Bergen, 2 books
Nikki Grimes, 2 books
Jane Watson, 2 books
Robert D., 2 books
Richard Rodgers, 2 books
Lisa Ann Marsoli, 2 books
Jerome Meckier, 1 book
Jerry Chase, 1 book
Francesc Boada, 1 book
Anna Birgitta Rooth, 1 book
Cheryl Moch, 1 book
Deborah Underwood, 1 book
Melissa Lagonegro, 1 book
Sarah Mlynowski, 1 book
Chris Roberson, 1 book
Jim C. Hines, 1 book
Robin Wasserman, 1 book
Dan Jolley, 1 book
Jones, Patricia, 1 book
Laura Whipple, 1 book
Stuart Paterson, 1 book
Anne Henley, 1 book
Robyn Bryant, 1 book


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