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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lisi Harrison, 40 books
Kate Brian, 10 books
Yoko Kamio, 6 books
Jessica Burkhart, 6 books
Zoey Dean, 5 books
Claudia Gabel, 5 books
Cameron Tuttle, 3 books
Melissa De La Cruz, 3 books
Nancy Holder, 3 books
Courtney Summers, 3 books
Yōko Kamio, 3 books
Ni-Ni Simone, 3 books
Julia DeVillers, 2 books
Fiona Rosenbloom, 2 books
Nancy N. Rue, 2 books
Lisa Papademetriou, 2 books
Kim Askew, 2 books
Sean Beaudoin, 2 books
Annie Wedekind, 2 books
Kate Brian, 2 books
Gitty Daneshvari, 2 books
Kay Cassidy, 2 books
Ted Michael, 2 books
Alissa Grosso, 2 books
Tina Connolly, 2 books


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