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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dave Kemper, 26 books
M. D. Berlitz, 19 books
John E. Warriner, 17 books
Patrick Sebranek, 16 books
Lindley Murray, 15 books
Arnold, Thomas Kerchever, 13 books
F. Ahn, 10 books
Gary Forlini, 9 books
Cecilia Minden, 9 books
Lawrence Augustus Wilkins, 9 books
James Henry Worman, 9 books
William Neilson, 9 books
Ollendorff, H. G., 9 books
Swinton, William, 8 books
David W. Booth, 8 books
Ruth Nathan, 8 books
Ann Gianola, 8 books
Peter Smagorinsky, 8 books
Vicki Spandel, 8 books
Arthur Sidgwick, 7 books
Alfred M. Hitchcock, 7 books
Hans Paul Guth, 7 books
McGraw-Hill, 7 books
Verne Meyer, 7 books
Eli Blume, 7 books


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