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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Esther Dyson, 2 books
Matt Hayden, 2 books
William Stallings, 2 books
Judith E. Dayhoff, 1 book
Paul Delany, 1 book
Wolfgang Gentzsch, 1 book
Joel Scambray, 1 book
Roberta Bragg, 1 book
David Bovet, 1 book
Johan Hjelm, 1 book
Stuart McClure, 1 book
Ed Tittel, 1 book
Mark Warschauer, 1 book
Atkins, John, 1 book
Andrew S. Tanenbaum, 1 book
Douglas E. Comer, 1 book
Elliotte Rusty Harold, 1 book
Tom Shaughnessy, 1 book
Carol Baroudi, 1 book
Richard W. Stevens, 1 book
Thomas Sheldon, 1 book
Art Caston, 1 book
Jason Wolf, 1 book
Natalie Zee, 1 book
George Kurtz, 1 book


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