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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Madison, 9 books
Alexander Hamilton, 9 books
John Jay, 7 books
Thomas G. Walker, 7 books
G. Alan Tarr, 6 books
Lee Epstein, 6 books
Paul Finkelman, 5 books
Yale Kamisar, 5 books
Roberto Dromi, 4 books
Wayne R. Lafave, 4 books
Jerold H. Israel, 4 books
Ralph A. Rossum, 4 books
Daniel J. Solove, 3 books
Curtis A. Bradley, 3 books
James Madison, 3 books
J. Wilson Parker, 3 books
Norman S. Goldenberg, 3 books
Peter Tenen, 3 books
Gerald Gunther, 3 books
Akhil Reed Amar, 3 books
Sanford Levinson, 3 books
Francisco Balaguer Callejon, 3 books
Paul Brest, 3 books
John Jay, 3 books
Kent Roach, 2 books


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