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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alexandre Dumas, 63 books
Alexandre Dumas (fils), 8 books
Claudia Dain, 4 books
Monica Burns, 4 books
Christopher A. Faraone, 3 books
Harriette Wilson, 3 books
Edison Marshall, 3 books
Laura McClure, 3 books
Catherine Durand Bedacier, 3 books
Isobel Carr, 3 books
James N. Davidson, 3 books
Ishbel Ross, 2 books
Doris Foley, 2 books
Shana Galen, 2 books
Cora Pearl, 2 books
Dattatraya Ganesh Godse, 2 books
Justin Hill, 2 books
Angela Mackail Thirkell, 2 books
Michael Ennis, 2 books
Judith James, 2 books
Si Xiang, 2 books
Cheryl Ann Smith , 2 books
Fujino Ōmori, 2 books
Sei Shōnagon, 2 books
René Vaillot, 1 book


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