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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Terry Mills, 7 books
J. Conrad Roberson, 6 books
Ray Bull, 3 books
Rebecca Milne, 3 books
Derek Shuff, 2 books
Henry C. Lee, 2 books
Jose R. Almirall, 2 books
Ross M. Gardner, 2 books
William H. Wall, 2 books
Kevin Lothridge, 2 books
Keith Charles, 2 books
Forensic Science Service, 2 books
Ray Wyre, 2 books
Tom Bevel, 2 books
Janet Thompson, 2 books
Paul B. Weston, 2 books
Barry Alexander K. Rider, 2 books
Chizu Nakajima, 2 books
Tim Tate, 2 books
Robin Booth, 1 book
Henry Lee, 1 book
Tom Tullett, 1 book
Nathan J. Gordon, 1 book
Duncan MacLaughlin, 1 book
Bill Nelson, 1 book


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