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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dav Pilkey, 13 books
Roald Dahl, 12 books
Lemony Snicket, 4 books
Philip Pullman, 3 books
Jonathan London, 2 books
Mark Teague, 2 books
Tedd Arnold, 2 books
Miguel Azaola, 2 books
Neil Gaiman, 2 books
Jim Benton, 2 books
Paul Bright, 1 book
Jennifer Weiner, 1 book
David Ezra Stein, 1 book
Oliver Jeffers, 1 book
Brett Helquist, 1 book
Babette Cole, 1 book
Barbara Park, 1 book
Peggy Parish, 1 book
Cressida Cowell, 1 book
Chris Wormell, 1 book
Denise Brunkus, 1 book
H.A. and Margret Rey, 1 book
Peter H. Reynolds, 1 book
Jeff Kinney, 1 book
Isabel Mendoza, 1 book


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