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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cecilia Blanco, 4 books
J. H. Sweet, 3 books
Emma Dodd, 2 books
Lara Jones, 2 books
Carles Cano, 2 books
Anna Molins, 2 books
Emily Hawkins, 2 books
Oralee Wachter, 1 book
Jutta Bauer, 1 book
Lesley O'Mara, 1 book
Rochelle Larkin, 1 book
Lindsey Fraser, 1 book
Virginia L. Kroll, 1 book
Ricardo Chávez Castañeda, 1 book
Graham Percy, 1 book
Dav Pilkey, 1 book
Leslea Newman, 1 book
Nicola Davies, 1 book
Nan Brooks, 1 book
Lesléa Newman, 1 book
Rosa Navarro Durán, 1 book
Nicole Zijnen, 1 book
Beatrix Potter, 1 book
Gabriela Aguileta, 1 book
Claudia Navarro Lopez, 1 book


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