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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
H. A. Rey, 7 books
Margret Rey, 6 books
Hirotaka Nakagawa, 4 books
Keller, Heidi, 3 books
Julia Donaldson, 3 books
Hans de Beer, 3 books
Christophe Loupy, 2 books
Nunberg, Herman, 2 books
Samuel G. Goodrich, 2 books
Peter Catalanotto, 2 books
Lewis Carroll, 2 books
Harry Fowler, 2 books
Paul J. Griffiths, 2 books
Lynn Plourde, 2 books
Antoinette Portis, 2 books
Pablo González, 2 books
Sŏk-chung Yun, 2 books
Helga Nowotny, 2 books
Roger Hargreaves, 2 books
Yih-Fen Chou, 2 books
Brian Grazer, 2 books
Neil Kenny, 2 books
Esta De Fossard, 1 book
Jodie McCallum, 1 book
Roger Dorey, 1 book


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