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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Caroline Lawrence, 4 books
Hiroshi Saitō, 4 books
Hisaya Nakajo, 3 books
Francine Allen, 2 books
Suzanne Enoch, 2 books
Joanna Maitland, 2 books
Carol Matas, 2 books
Geraldine McCaughrean, 2 books
Anne Perry, 2 books
Mark Del Franco, 2 books
Janell Cannon, 2 books
Sheri Cobb South, 2 books
Deborah Ellis, 2 books
Bailey MacDonald, 2 books
Catherine Coulter, 2 books
Edmond A. MacInaugh, 1 book
Pamela Kaufman, 1 book
Sabrina Jeffries, 1 book
Tim McGuire, 1 book
Lynsay Sands, 1 book
Amanda McCabe, 1 book
Regina Scott, 1 book
Nicola Cornick, 1 book
Tom Brodeur, 1 book
Joseph R. Ritchie, 1 book


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