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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Alderton, 11 books
American Kennel Club, 11 books
Joan Palmer, 11 books
Bruce Fogle, 5 books
Morgan, Diane, 4 books
Roger A. Caras, 4 books
Pierre Rousselet-Blanc, 4 books
Fiorenzo Fiorone, 4 books
David A. Boehm, 3 books
Tammy Gagne, 3 books
American Kennel Club., 3 books
Ivan 1913- Swedrup, 3 books
Davis, Henry P., 3 books
D. Caroline Coile, 3 books
Mordecai Siegal, 3 books
Andrew De Prisco, 3 books
Chris Walkowicz, 3 books
Michele Welton, 3 books
Wendy Boorer, 3 books
Liebers, Arthur, 2 books
Martin Weil, 2 books
Marguerite Henry, 2 books
Harry Herman Miller, 2 books
Daniel F. Tortora, 2 books
Harry Glover, 2 books


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