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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martin Sitter, 7 books
Mick Martin, 5 books
Adrian Ramseier, 4 books
Marsha Porter, 4 books
Marc Saltzman, 2 books
Todd Kelsey, 2 books
Jim Olenski, 2 books
Mike Mayo, 2 books
Jeff Sengstack, 2 books
Steven Spielberg, 2 books
Leonard Maltin, 2 books
Bill Miller, 1 book
Leonardo Quaresima, 1 book
Pierce Gardner, 1 book
Pratt, Douglas., 1 book
Aaron Barlow, 1 book
Burns, Michael, 1 book
James V. Hart, 1 book
Ridley Scott, 1 book
Merle Volding, 1 book
Steven H. Scheuer, 1 book
Jacobs, John, 1 book
Douglas Spotted Eagle, 1 book
Michael Zink, 1 book
Simpson, Paul, 1 book


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