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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeff Herman, 18 books
Diana Athill, 7 books
Maxwell E. Perkins, 5 books
Goldring, Douglas, 4 books
George Woodcock, 4 books
Ford Madox Ford, 4 books
Robert Keller, 4 books
Lehmann, John, 3 books
H. M. Marathe, 3 books
A. Scott Berg, 3 books
Joel Rosenberg, 3 books
Emily Gould, 3 books
H. L. Mencken, 3 books
Margaret C. Anderson, 3 books
John Thorndike, 3 books
V. Lakshin, 3 books
Ābula Āhasāna Caudhurī, 2 books
Victor Hugo, 2 books
Inessa Avramenko, 2 books
Sir Leslie Stephen, 2 books
Jules Verne, 2 books
David B., 2 books
Sandra Brown, 2 books
Keith Crowley, 2 books
Barbara Koc, 2 books


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