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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mo Willems, 8 books
Rudyard Kipling, 8 books
Jean de Brunhoff, 6 books
McKee, David., 3 books
Grégoire Solotareff, 2 books
G. Berca, 2 books
Laurent de Brunhoff, 2 books
Penny Dolan, 1 book
Julie Murray, 1 book
Myriam Yagnam, 1 book
Gilles Bachelet, 1 book
Ana María Shua, 1 book
Derek Hall, 1 book
Hirotaka Nakano, 1 book
Isabel Allende, 1 book
Dr. Seuss, 1 book
Katherine A. Applegate, 1 book
Kate DiCamillo, 1 book
Alice Twine, 1 book
José Saramago, 1 book
Mario Ramos, 1 book
Anna Obiols, 1 book
Teresa Novoa, 1 book
Pilar Del Rio, 1 book
Sandra Lavandeira, 1 book


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