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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brandon Robshaw, 18 books
D.H. Howe, 15 books
Rosemary Border, 15 books
Felicity Hopkins, 14 books
D. H. Howe, 10 books
Peter Wright, 10 books
Sandra Woodcock, 9 books
Rochelle Scholar, 8 books
Richard Curtis, 5 books
Robin Driscoll, 5 books
Iris Howden, 5 books
Andy Croft, 4 books
Rowan Atkinson, 3 books
Puss in Boots, 3 books
Stephen Colbourn, 3 books
Andrew Clifford, 3 books
Mike Alcott, 3 books
Peter Leigh, 3 books
Angus McBride, 2 books
John Lupton, 2 books
Peter Viney, 2 books
Karen Viney, 2 books
Audrey McIlvain, 2 books
Julia Holt, 2 books
Michael Alcott, 2 books


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