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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bryan E. Bledsoe, 17 books
Scott H. Plantz, 15 books
Judith E. Tintinalli, 13 books
Daniel Limmer, 12 books
Rosen, Peter, 9 books
Brent Q. Hafen, 9 books
Peter Rosen, 9 books
Jonathan Adler, 9 books
Baxter Larmon, 8 books
Scott R. Snyder, 7 books
LearningExpress Editors, 7 books
Roger M. Barkin, 7 books
J. David Bergeron, 6 books
George R. Schwartz, 6 books
O. John Ma, 6 books
Robert S. Porter, 6 books
J. L. Vincent, 6 books
Amal Mattu, 6 books
Paula Derr, 6 books
Jon Tardiff, 6 books
Bodo Gorgaß, 6 books
Robert R. Simon, 6 books
Bruce R. Shade, 6 books
Vincent J. Markovchick, 6 books
Bob Elling, 5 books


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