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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jane Austen, 8 books
Donna Leon, 4 books
Cleanth Brooks, 3 books
Gertrude Besserwisser, 3 books
Thea Feldman, 2 books
Robert P. Stockwell, 2 books
Markus Wagner, 2 books
W. J. Keith, 2 books
Joseph Bristow, 2 books
Chris Hannan, 2 books
Eric Smith, 2 books
Robert M. Polhemus, 1 book
Emrys Jones, 1 book
J. Paul Hunter, 1 book
Dick Leith, 1 book
Martin Elsky, 1 book
Damon Galgut, 1 book
Block, Walter, 1 book
Raj Kamal Jha, 1 book
Vikram Chandra, 1 book
Steven Jones, 1 book
Gerald Seymour undifferentiated, 1 book
Patricia Craig, 1 book
Grace Stewart, 1 book
Peter V. Marinelli, 1 book


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