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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Heywood, John, 14 books
Wither, George, 4 books
Richard Flecknoe, 4 books
Oscar Wilde, 3 books
Oliver Herford, 3 books
Thynne, Francis, 3 books
Henry Parrot, 3 books
Francis Quarles, 3 books
E. C. McKenzie, 3 books
G. Rostrevor Hamilton, 2 books
Samuel Jacob Hurwitt, 2 books
Owen, John, 2 books
John Elsum, 2 books
Thomas King Whipple, 2 books
Henry Fitzgeffrey, 2 books
William Davenport Adams, 1 book
Robert Crowley, 1 book
A. Sujata, 1 book
Ben Jonson, 1 book
William Oldys, 1 book
Peacham, Henry, 1 book
T. K. Whipple, 1 book
Noel Coward, 1 book
William Soutar, 1 book
William Lily, 1 book


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